Mind blowing moments. Now to an eternity.

With all-inclusive resorts across India and globally, All-inclusive resorts where lodging, activities, meals, drinks and much more are rolled into one price. An amazing price that's lower than the total cost of the individual components.

Legends Club has simplified your vacation experience with 2 levels of Amber & Sapphire. The only difference is your Room category, which you can upgrade at anytime you want to experience our Suite Stays.

Both memberships offer you 301 Days of vacation suitable only for a Legend!
7 incredible features you will Love & feel like a Legend !

- Holiday whenever you want
- Carry forward your unused days
- Gift your Holidays to people you love
- Choose as long as your want
- Instant Upgrade on those special days
- Hassel free online booking
- Only 25% now and rest over 4 years